Top Tips for Effective Web Design


The value of an effectual web design should not be underestimated as this is the first impression user will have of our website. A stunning website having great design is liked by the website visitors and they tend to visit the web-portal more often. As per a recent study on the online activities of the users, it was found that a user takes only to 2 to 4 seconds to decide if it wants to browse the site further or not. This decision is mostly based on the look of web-portal which mostly depends on its appearance. Further, the following tips that are given below are useful in creating an effective web design.

  • Every webpage should convey the clear information that user is searching for. The design of the page should be based on the subject matter of the website.
  • It is essential that you should include headlines, as it catches the attention quickly and use bullet points to highlight important features
  • The font should be either Arial or Verdana as it is easy to read online
  • Vibrant colors should be used as it enhances the user experience
  • Choose images matching with the theme of the website and it should be positioned at the right place
  • Videos and graphics can be added in order to connect with the website visitors
  • Searching or moving around the site should be simple hence it is necessary that navigation should be easier.
  • Grid based layout will present the content into columns & sections which makes appearance organized.

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