How to Make a Good and Attractive Website?


The key for successful online marketing is to differentiate your business from various market competitors. World Wide Web is filled with lots of vendors which might be providing products & services similar to your line of work. In order to get your organization noticed by audiences you must have a website. This will definitely have a powerful impact, generate more leads and give better branding to your business. A well designed web-portal certainly attracts more customers and will give right web traffic with high conversion rate.

Given below are some useful tips which will help you in designing an attractive web-portal.

  • Use colors smartly: Colors play a vital role in giving a stunning appearance to your website. Every color has its own value & meaning and when used in right way will make your website attractive.
  • Content should simple: Customers don’t really want to spend their precious time reading everything on your website. Audiences want to read the content which they are looking for or are useful for them.
  • Graphic images: Images can convey the meaning on most occasions what content sometimes cannot do. Adding right kind of pictures on right places makes your website organized and gives an amazing look
  • Video links: Videos do bring in more traffic on the site. When customers view text, audio & graphics it does have an influence on their mind. Further, site becomes interactive and more exciting for the viewers
  • URL should be easy: The website address should match with your line of business. It should be simple, so that customers can always remember it or can share with others
  • Social media sharing: You must include social media sharing, so that people can give their views or opinion. Furthermore, you can promote new products or can share important news with customers.

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