On-Page SEO Techniques That You Must Know

In today’s time digital marketing is essential for growing any business. Advertising holds the key in promoting products & services to your targeted clients. Few decades back, people relied on giving advertisement in newspapers, television and radio etc for promoting their products & services. Now the scenario has changed, internet marketing has emerged as an effective medium for advertising. There are various strategies such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by which you can successfully market your products online. With help of organic SEO strategies you can rank your website on the top in search engines and get maximum web traffic. Further, you can use on-page SEO techniques such as page titles, meta tags & meta descriptions to rank your website higher. On-page SEO refers to all techniques that are implemented on the website.


Given below are few useful on-page SEO techniques that can increase your page ranking:

  • Meta descriptions: This is extremely important and should have relevant keywords, so that search results are displayed with the relevant keywords. Example “Everyone wants to get stock market tips in order to make great profit” this is how a meta description should be with targeted keywords. Here the keyword used is “stock market tips”.
  • Meta tags: It is essential that every page include keywords in the form of meta tags. One thing that you should keep in mind is that keyword should be relevant with the content that you have written.
  • Keyword density: Keywords are an integral part of content. You must include keywords in your content, so that search engine robots can understand what the content is all about. You should keep the keyword density between 2-5% otherwise your website may get penalized.
  • Page titles: These are an important part of the SEO strategy on your website. Every post should have a distinct title and include major keywords which are related with that page. Let’s say you have written a post about “stock market tips”. It is therefore important to include page titles such as “Best stock market tips” and “Stock market tips for intraday”. Further, if anybody searches for stock market tips in any search engine, there is a huge chance your post will show up as you have included two keywords.
  • Internal links: Many people are not aware of the benefits of internal links. If you have made links on the web pages, it is easier for the users to navigate and move around to find the relevant content on your website. Further, when relevant keywords and phrases are in your content with proper internal linking then page rank of the site will definitely increase. Furthermore, these links are very useful for the bloggers as they can place the relevant links within the article or blog.

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