Responsive Web Design: Latest Ongoing Trend

Responsive web page design is the need of the hour for your business. This can be seen in most countries of the world. People are using modern gadgets like Mobile phones and Computer tablets for surfing internet. This creates the need for responsive web design that means design & development should be as per the screen size and platform. In other words, responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience across various devices. If a website is not gadget-friendly, users are not able to view it properly on Smart phones, Laptops and Computer tablets they will certainly move to next website. The major goal of responsive website it to make navigation easy and eliminate the problem of website resizing & scrolling that occurs on Laptops, Smart phones, Computer tablets and Desktops.  When responsive website is designed some of the points should be kept in mind like picture element resolution, screen size and click versus touch.


Given below are advantages of switching over to responsive web page design:

  • SEO (Search Enimages (1)gine Optimization): In a recent update released by Google, websites should have responsive design which will give better ranking in the search results. If a user is searching a website on his/her cell phone there is a very high possibility that your site will rank well as responsive website designing services have been used.
  • Cost effective: You don’t require two separate websites. Single responsive website with same web address solves your purpose. This is quite obvious that having two websites will require more hosting & development charges.
  • User experience: This is definitely one of the key points that users are shifting to responsive web page design. Responsive web design is all about providing better user experience no matter what device is used for browsing the website.
  • Load speed: Website load speed is an important part of the user experience which cannot be neglected at any stage. If the website that is not optimized for mobile device it will take a lot of time to load. On the other hand, if the website is optimized it will open quickly and user will not have to wait for the site to load.

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